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Aguirre, A. A., Gardner, S. C., Marsh, J. C., Delgado, S. G., Limpus, C. J., & Nichols, W. J. (2006). Hazards associated with the consumption of sea turtle meat and eggs: A review for health care workers and the general public. EcoHealth, 3(3), 141–153.   
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Bonnet, X. , Importance des investigations écophysiologiques pour la protection des tortues. Unpublished paper presented at Atelier international sur la gestion et la restauration des populations et habitats de la Tortue d’Hermann / International workshop on the management and restoration of Hermann’s tortoise populations and habitats.   
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Burger, J., & Garber, S. D. (1995). Risk assessment, life history strategies, and turtles: Could declines be prevented or predicted? Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 46(4), 483–500.   
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Censi, R. P. L. A., D’Angelo, S., Saiano, F., Zuddas, P., Mazzola, S., & Cuttitta, A. (2013). Relationship between lanthanide contents in aquatic turtles and environmental exposures. Chemosphere, (in press, corrected proof).   
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Chaffee, M. J., & Berry, K. H. (2006). Abundance and distribution of selected elements in soils, stream sediments, and selected forage plants from desert tortoise habitats in the mojave and colorado deserts, usa. Journal of Arid Environments, 67, 35–87.   
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Châteauvert, J. L. (2013). Influence of feeding ecology on mercury accumulation in turtles and fish of the rideau canal, ontario, canada. Unpublished thesis , Untiversity of Ottawa, Ottawa.   
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Drabeck, D. H., Chatfield, M. W. H., & Richards-Zawacki, C. L. (2014). The status of louisiana's diamondback terrapin (malaclemys terrapin) populations in the wake of the deepwater horizon oil spill: Insights from population genetic and contaminant analyses. Journal of Herpetology, 48(1), 125–136.   
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Eisenreich, K. M. (2011). Comparative sub-lethal effects of polybrominated diphenyl ethers following simulated maternal transfer and dietary exposure in two species of turtles. Unpublished thesis , University of Maryland, College Park, Md.   
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Frossard, A., Ferreira, P. D., Carneiro, M. T. W. D., Heringer, O., Edringer, D. C., & Gomes, L. C. (2013). Effect of dietary cadmium on fitness, growth, genotoxicity and accumulation in the yellow-spotted river turtle, podocnemis unifilis. Aquatic Toxicology, (In Press, Accepted Manuscript).   
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Fu, L.-R., He, B., Wang, X., & Shi, H.-T. (2012). Effects of ammonium nitrate fertilizer on incubation and blood physiological indices of trachemys scripta elegans and mauremys sinensis. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, 31(2), 252–255.   
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Hacioglu, N., & Tosunoğlu, M. (2013). Determination of antimicrobial and heavy metal resistance profiles of some bacteria isolated from aquatic amphibian and reptile species. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, (early view).   
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Hopkins, B. C., Willson, J. D., & Hopkins, W. (2013). Mercury exposure is associated with negative effects on turtle reproduction. Environmental science & technology, (just accepted manuscript).   
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Hopkins, B. C., Hepner, M. J., & Hopkins, W. A. (2013). Non-destructive techniques for biomonitoring of spatial, temporal, and demographic patterns of mercury bioaccumulation and maternal transfer in turtles. Environmental Pollution, 177, 164–170.   
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Huang, C. (2014). Screening organic contaminants in the desert tortoise in the mojave. Unpublished thesis , San Diego State University.   
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Ikonomopoulou, M. P., Hodge, M., & Whittier, J. M. (2012). An investigation of organochlorine and polychlorobiphenyl concentrations in the blood and eggs of the carnivorous flatback turtle, natator depressus, from queensland, australia. Chelonian Conservation & Biology, 11(2), 255–259.   
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Ismail, N. S., Velinsky, D. J., Ashley, J. T. F., & Sanders, R. W. (2013). Chorioallantoic membrane as a non-lethal sampling method for polychlorinated biphenyls analysis in the northern diamondback terrapin (malaclemys terrapin terrapin). Chemistry and Ecology, 29(5), 391–403.   
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Malik, R. N., Ghaffar, B., & Hashmi, M. Z. (2013). Trace metals in ganges soft-shell turtle (aspideretes gangeticus) from two barrage: Baloki and rasul, pakistan. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, (online early).   
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Meyer, E. W. (2012). Ecotoxicology of free-ranging western pond turtles (emys marmorata). Unpublished thesis , California State University, Fresno.   
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Meyer, E., Sparling, D., & Blumenshine, S. (2013). Regional inhibition of cholinesterase in free-ranging western pond turtles (emys marmorata) occupying california mountain streams. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, (early view.   
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Meyer, E., Eagles-Smith, C. A., Sparling, D., & Blumenshine, S. (2014). Mercury exposure associated with altered plasma thyroid hormones in the declining western pond turtle (emys marmorata) from california mountain streams. Environmental science & technology, Article ASAP.   
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