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Alacs, E. A., Georges, A., FitzSimmons, N. N., & Robertson, J. (2010). Dna detective: A review of molecular approaches to wildlife forensics. Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology, 6(3), 180–194.   
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Arif, I. A., & Khan, H. A. (2009). Molecular markers for biodiversity analysis of wildlife animals a brief review. Animal Biodiversity and Conservation, 32(1), 9–17.   
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Baruah, C., Laskar, M. A., & Sharma, D. K. (2013). Inter-simple sequence repeat (issr) polymorphism-based analysis of diversity in the freshwater turtle genus pangshura. African Journal of Biotechnology, 12(3), 238–248.   
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Bickham, J. W., Parham, J. F., Philippen, H.-D., Rhodin, A. G. J., Shaffer, B. H., Spinks, P. Q., & van Dijk, P. P. (2007). Turtle taxonomy: Methodology, recommendations, and guidelines. In H. Shaffer, N. N. FitzSimmons, A. Georges & A. G. J. Rhodin (Eds.), Defining Turtle Diversity: Proceedings of a Workshop on Genetics, Ethics, and Taxonomy of Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises Vol. 4, (pp. 73–84).Chelonian Research Foundation.   
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Bu, X., Liu, L., & Nie, L. (2014). Genetic diversity and population differentiation of the chinese soft-shelled turtle (pelodiscus sinensis) in three geographical populations. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 54, 279–284.   
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Chirio, L., & LeBreton, M. (2007). Atlas des reptiles du cameroun Vol. 67. Paris: Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle.   
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Cureton, J. C., Janis, M., Lutterschmidt, W. I., Randle, C. P., Ruthven, D. C., & Deaton, R. (2014). Effects of urbanization on genetic diversity, gene flow, and population structure in the ornate box turtle (terrapene ornata). Amphibia-Reptilia, 35, 87–97.   
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Cutuli, G., Vannini, M., & Fratini, S. (2013). Demographic structure and genetic variability of a population of testudo hermanni hermanni (reptilia: Testudines: testudinidae) from southern tuscany (central italy): a case of “happy-ending” uncontrolled reintroduction. Italian Journal of Zoology, (online early).   
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Cutuli, G., Cannicci, S., Vannini, M., & Fratini, S. (2012). Influence of mating order on courtship displays and stored sperm utilization in hermann's tortoises (testudo hermanni hermanni). Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, (online first).   
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Cutuli, G., Cardoso, S., & Fratini, S. (2011). Uno studio sulla biologia riproddutiva delle testudo hermanni. Testudo magazine, 6(19), 18–24.   
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Davy, C. M., Bernardo, P. H., & Murphy, R. W. (2013). A bayesian approach to conservation genetics of blanding’s turtle (emys blandingii) in ontario, canada. Conservation Genetics, (online early).   
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Davy, C. M., Leifso, A. E., Conflitti, I. M., & Murphy, R. W. (2012). Characterization of 10 novel microsatellite loci and cross-amplification of two loci in the snapping turtle (chelydra serpentina). Conservation Genetics Resources, 4(3), 695–698.   
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Davy, C. M. (2013). Conservation genetics of freshwater turtles. Unpublished thesis , University of Toronto.   
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Davy, C. M., & Murphy, R. W. (2014). Conservation genetics of the endangered spotted turtle (clemmys guttata) illustrate the risks of “bottleneck tests”. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 92(1), 149–162.   
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Duli, N. B. (2009). Morphometric and genetic variability of river terrapin (batagur baska) and painted terrapin (batagur borneoensis). Unpublished thesis , Universiti Sains Malaysia.   
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Dvořáková, N., Kvičerová, J., Papoušek, I., Javanbakht, H., Tiar, G., Kami, H. G., & Široký, P. (2013). Haemogregarines from western palaearctic freshwater turtles (genera emys, mauremys) are conspecific with haemogregarina stepanowi danilewsky, 1885. Parasitology, (first view).   
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Edwards, T., & Berry, K. H. (2013). Are captive tortoises a reservoir for conservation? an assessment of genealogical affiliation of captive gopherus agassizii to local, wild populations. Conservation Genetics, 14(3), 649–659.   
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Edwards, D. L., Benavide, E., Garrick, R. C., Gibbs, J. P., Russello, M. A., & Dion, K. B., et al. (2013). The genetic legacy of lonesome george survives: Giant tortoises with pinta island ancestry identified in galápagos. Biological Conservation, 157, 225–228.   
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Edwards, T., & Berry, K. H. , Is the captive population of agassiz’s desert tortoise an appropriate reservoir for conservation? - abstract. Unpublished paper presented at Program and Abstracts of the Tenth Annual Symposium on the Conservation and Biology of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles.   
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Ennen, J. R., Kalis, M. E., Patterson, A. L., Kreiser, B. R., Lovich, J. E., Godwin, J., & P.Qualls, C. (2014). Clinal variation or validation of a subspecies? a case study of the graptemys nigrinoda complex (testudines: Emydidae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, (in press).   
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